* Get to know me *
(Who We Are)
Cooly T. aka C.T. Rider is a song writer, music
producer and a audio engineer. Ive been doing this
since I was 11 or 12 years old. Recording music
and doing shows through out the mid-west at an
early age. I went to Full Sail Recording Arts School
in Orlando FL to enhance my skills in the audio
field. Then I began making connection with various
producer, artist and recording studios. I did
unlimited shows everywhere possible to get my
name out, paying dues and creating a buzz.
(Our Music)
Cooly T music is original and heart felt deep from
with in the soul. Back in the day all the old school
artist influence me to rap when I first heard their
music in the 80s. I produce a music track first that
feels good to me, and then I come up with the
chorus, which helps me to wright the verses. I
have several album I've released in the secular
world, but Balance CD is my first righteous one!!!
Cooly T.aka C.T. Rider, Ridin 4 Christ
(coming soon)
Pray fully I can create a big buzz with the singles
to get the attention of the full album. The titled
album "Balance" which means bringing Balance
to my life, is must have CD. We plan on visiting
every city,state,and country having fun, spreading
the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a
very interesting learning experience with my past
music, but theres nothing like the success in
uplifting my people in knowing, following, and
having faith in Jesus Christ.
Blessed is he who come in the name of the Lord
Praise God The Almighty