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(About Our Music)
I am happy to spread the message of our lord Jesus Christ in my music,
in my songs, through out this whole project. My sound has change from
album to album since I've read the bible and found Christ. Especially my
lyrics,content, and subject has changed. I am inspired by Christ love and
teaching in my songs when I wright to bridge the lost souls into
righteousness things. Producer of this album is Anthony
Morgan, Jeromy Wilson, and Thomas Martin.  Please stay in prayer and
have faith in the Lord no matter what you go through. Bless.
Cooly T aka C.T. Rider,ridin 4 Christ
"Energy" from the fourth coming album "Balance"
The album of all my albums. The real, the truth, the
light, the word,the knowledge,the understanding,
the respect, the love, the holy spirit, the obedience,
the righteousness, the everything. Amen. Enough
said. This a must have for all friends and family.  
(Gentleman Thug) This was me growing up or
what I like to say "graduating" from the so much
street things. It was still  street things, but with
more love I would say. I still was doing my thing
but I wrote songs looking for a lady and I wrote
song on the album about Christ or God also.
(Nation Wide Husla) This was a album when I was  
doing what the title says. It included everything
that goes on in the streets, what most young man
experience growing up in the neighbourhood. That
I don't deny, but don't glorify either.
Cooly T: Energy